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  • Why Carriers Lock Bootloaders

    What is a Bootloader?

    Chances are if you have ever tried to modify a phone, you know the term bootloader, or root. If you’re an IPhone user the term Jail Break may come to mind. These are all things that control how a phone operates and what you can install on it. Many phones have the bootloader unlocked, however the carriers tend to enforce that the phone maker lock it. This can be a burden for many people who like to alter their cellular devices to expand their capabilities. This may not seem like a big deal at first, after all what could they do that could bother their carrier?

    What can we do with an Unlocked Bootloader?

    An unlocked bootloader allows a person to freely modify the software with in the phone. This means you can freely install other operating systems onto your device. Under normal circumstances people tend to use either android or IOS of course. The devices were built on those platforms, however they can edit android extensively, and free up IOS restrictions. This allows them to freely use any apps they want, install what they want, and unlock previously locked features.

    What features is always a big question, for some folks none of these matters, for others it means everything. Some people purchase phones purely based on if they can alter the software on them. One of the biggest wants for people currently is to enable WiFi tethering natively. You may be thinking that your factory phone does this, and you’re probably right. Where it gets restricted heavily is unlimited data plans, such as AT&T or Verizon. These two carriers in particular are very difficult to get into the phones because they dictate what the phone makers allow phones on their network to do.

    So why do Carriers Lock the Bootloader?

    If you don’t know yet, carriers hold customers who are on so called unlimited plans close, like enemies. They normally don’t allow tethering with these plans, and they always block it. However when someone managed to unlock the bootloader, people are free to alter anything they want on the phone. This means allowing wifi tethering to work, its purely a phone setting. There is currently no way the carriers are using to block WiFi at the tower, so it all resides on the phone.

    One carrier who has taken big action recently if Verizon, they began terminating unlimited data users who used 500Gb of more. This is a massive amount of mobile data to be using, but considering they had unlimited it’s up for debate. Verizon continues to stomp down their customers by terminating even lower allotments as of late such as 200Gb. Still a substantial amount but much lower and people will flock to other carriers.

    The other reason they lock a bootloader is because a custom operating system can mess up the phone. People ruin their phones all the time by messing up an install. This also voids your warranty, manufacturers don’t want to service phones which have been tampered with. So it helps them save money by not chasing down random issues on custom operating systems.

    How do you unlock a bootloader?

    That question is out of our expertise, how some google searches for terms such as “insert phone name” unlocked bootloader, should point you in the right direction. I don’t recommend doing it unless you really need to and have some general knowledge on the topic. All of this can be found online of course, it just takes some minor reading. Each phone is different and detailed instructions are often times provided by helpful people.


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  • The Future of Cell Phones

    The Future of Cell Phones

    Times could get very interesting in the near future for cell phone users. This basically means most of the world minus some third world countries of course. With in the next ten years or so the way we see phones being used is going to change for the better. Currently they’re a massive utility for everyone, but things will only get better with time. These new abilities will be charged by internet, processor advancements, and overall efficiency upgrades. Many changes we won’t even notice but they will work during our daily lives.

    Wireless Fiber

    The term “wireless fiber” has been tossed around over the past year or so. If you’re new to how data is generally transferred the slowest version of internet use telephone lines. Data transfer has slowly changed over the years and has moved up to coaxial cable, these speeds are hundreds of times faster than the old telephone lines. However with the worlds thirst for speed a new kid is on the block. Generally only used for backbones to a whole network such as a business or school. This type of cabling if made of glass strands, and is called fiber optic. Using light to pass information the data is nearly instantaneous. How can we use cell phone radio waves to simulate this speed is an interesting topic.

    MIMO – Multiple Input, Multiple Output

    With new radio waves opening up for data transfer by the FCC cell providers now have a lot of new spectrum to use, and it’s also smaller, but “quicker” radio waves, allowing extremely high data rates compared to what we have now. There is already some MIMO being used in LTE networks but this newer versions will use several more antennas, and “towers”. These towers will be very small though, the size of laptop possibly in some areas. Other areas will require a larger tower of course. In order to maintain this connection we’ll need buildings with transmitters inside, the roll out may take a while but it should be great.

    Processors – Rapid Development

    Cell phones have made some crazy leaps over the last ten years for processing power. A phones processor today is over four times as fast than it was ten years ago. That only accounts for their advertised rating, not all the smaller advancements in how a processor works. A new processor is many times quicker than older versions, but it’s not just the CPU that has gotten quicker. The graphics processing unit, or GPU for short, has also came a long ways. This is what powers your games, home screen, anything graphical you see. The normal phone screen uses very little processing power. However if you open up a graphics intensive game that’s when the GPU really gets used.

    Gaming on a mobile device will become much more life like and intense, with the help of the newer internet capabilities so will multiplayer. Multiplayer exists on phones currently, however the ping times and unreliability are an issue. Something that will be solved in the coming years, this will further the need for a stronger GPU due to higher demand for games.

    Battery Issues:

    Currently, battery tech is at a bit of a stand still, so the only way to solve it is efficiency increases. Efficiency is doing as much as you can, with what you have. As processors get faster, they also require less power to achieve the same performance. This is part of the benefit to newer technology so batteries will last longer making two days without a charger a safe bet. It doesn’t just stop at a processor though, LCD screens have also improved, as well as power management profiles for phones.

    The Future – It’s Fast

    The future shows a world of constant connectability, everything will be connected. This includes nearly all appliances, utility items, beds, even chairs! All that will be backed by a wireless network that rivals fiber optic data rates and reliability. Processors, both CPU and GPU get faster every year with great advancements in power and efficiency. I am looking forward to it, I hope everyone else is also.

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  • The Evolution of Mobile Phone Communication

    Mobile phones are fascinating gadgets and new versions always come with improved features than past versions. The best way to learn about mobile phones is to pick popular phones and explore their multitude features. While you cannot own all popular sleekly phones, you can learn about them from friends or online dealers.

    Communication technologies have evolved over the years. The telephone technology has moved from wired communication to wireless information transmission. Perhaps telephone communication was being held back with the wires but now this communication system does not have strings attached. With technologies evolving and cell tower locations everywhere the world was evolving rapidly. It was impossible to carry around the former phone technology and thus no one could say there was elegance in phone communication apart from talking.

    Mobile phones brought in not only communication convenience in the market but they also came with significant amount of convenience. They made a great splash upon their release to the public during their earlier days. Although they were a preserve of few people who had significant credit during their first time appearance in public, they are handy tools for everybody today. They are part of everyday task and people are unable to leave them behind when they are on the go.

    Having a phone is a luxury and a business at the same time. People will move with their mobile phones to communicate business or communicate with their loved ones. The emergence of SMS system makes things even better. People can enjoy chatting and communicating at their comfort while enjoying great amount of privacy. There is no other gadget, which is as convenient as today’s mobile phones.

    The mobile phones are designed for personal comfort. The SMS system even made them better when public talking is raising issues of privacy. If there is something that anybody wants to handle alone is their privacy. Therefore, public phone calls are a discomfort and SMS and other short massage sending making them elegant and useful.

    When talking about evolving phone technology, there are two issues that come across. The issue of SMS and the issue of a phone call. The former is thought to be void of feelings while the latter is thought to contain feelings. This means that, while sending a message through a call, the two parties will seem to share feelings while such a phenomenon is difficult with an SMS.

    The history of mobile phones and mobile use has a lot of information to document. Apart from SMS and calls, cell phone development has developed the so called MMS (Multimedia Messaging Services). This system involves sending images, audios and videos. Later, smart features continued to embrace these phones including the GPRS, EDGE and WAP among other features that allow internet access. The most befitting platforms with the newer features are social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and all others.

    With the addition of physical phone features such as cameras and memory, the cell phone has become a personal multimedia device. Funny enough, other electronic gadgets in the market such as cameras and MP3 players are almost losing their popularity. We are yet to see the progress of the mobile phone evolution.

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  • How Much Does Your Cell Phone Affect Your Life?

    Today’s technology can be described as the tool, events and resources that drive live. People have known and adopted that there is a new invention being launched each year. Space exploration and artificial intelligence is driving technocrats into thinking beyond today to develop electronics or communication gadgets with greater endurance than what we have now. Personal live are equally being affected with day to day development of communication gadgets and cell phones are the main culprit.

    At least, everybody has developed some behavior that can be described as technology addiction. Technology is now a need and not a want. It has done more than plain human common sense could do. In fact, it might even bring in a new medical condition that can be described as “tech debilitating” condition because of technology addiction. Nevertheless, cell phone addiction does not cause physiological conditions such as those of illegal substances like heroin or cocaine but their effects in terms of social transformation are equally painful.

    What brings personal effects with cell phones? While cell phones do not have physiological effects to people; how about separating them from the owner for a day or two? Doing this will has an effect in the daily performance of the person. A person whose phone has been put away will start experiencing stress and the stress will reduce gradually for longer. This has been documented.

    Obsessive phone use has effects. However, these effects depend on the user’s behavior but it is better for everybody to understand this information to avoid unnecessary stress. A person with a separated personal cell phone hardly concentrates.

    As if having a cell phone and separating from it is not enough stress, some people will experience difficulties living with an old phone and will want the latest gadgets. It is suffice to note that cell phone technology has affected million people’s budgets because the latest mobile phones makes the current and older ones obsolete even if they are still in use. Is phone upgrades really necessary?

    As if paying for an expensive cell phone is not enough, some people have carried burdens of phone use bills such as calling, SMS, MMS and ringtone services that are produced every day. In addition to this almost basic phone use subscriptions, cell phones have the main stream of breaking news and people will go ahead and subscribe to them. These news subscriptions come with huge bills.

    With large bills and some bills go unnoticed, personal cell phone use should not go unchecked. They are calmly praying on consumer health and budgets. Although they are not hard drugs such as cocaine, cell phone addiction has been documented and equally affected people.

    While people are not realizing the effects of this cell phones dependence, they better do, because these gadgets seem to come with accumulated effects. Additionally, the continuity of innovating new phones means that the effects will be around for long. Unless people become knowledgeable of mobile phone dependence, this situation might lead to other features that are not properly documented.

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  • How About SIM Free Mobile Phones With Zero Contracts!

    As electronic technology continue to improve, mobile phone features continues to improve too. Today, the talk of mobile phone technology is the launch of SIM free mobile phones. These SIM free mobile phones have come with zero contracts. This means that consumers need not obey any contract that seems annoying.

    If you have not come across SIM free mobile phones, they have begun streaming in phone dealer stores whether online or in physical stores. These phones are marketed without SIMs and consumers are ditching their current phones for them. People prefer this SIMless feature because they want to utilize modern technology to the maximum and because they want to reduce complimentary mobile phone products as much as possible.

    The SIM free mobile phones do not use any network. This means that, consumers do not need to accept any terms and condition for any mobile communication network. Additionally, users can call any network without having to switch anything. If the user is going to another country, the phone behaves as a roaming phone and does use that country’s network automatically.

    As much as the SIM free mobile phones are gaining popularity in the market, they have been noted to have one disadvantage. Nobody expects mobile phones to be expensive but the phones being discussed here are pretty expensive. In other words, only a few individuals have afforded it to date. Perhaps the price will come down as competition begins come from manufacturers.

    The high price of SIM free phones comes from the fact that these phones do not have contract from any particular network. Phones that are sold with a particular contract from mobile communication services providers have a huge commission to dealers hence their cheap price to encourage consumers to buy them. But these SIM free phones do not have such contracts hence do not have any commission on dealers hence their high prices.

    The high prices are also associated with the fact that, these phones reduce the need to pay for Subscriber Identity Module (SIM) services. Users are not bound to pay the hefty changes from numerous mobile phone services providers who have flooded the market. Because these phones guarantee cheap and convenient communication, consumers are likely to pay for these services once at the retail outlet hence the high price.

    With the advent of highly advanced mobile phone technologies, consumers also have challenges of having to move from one cool gadget to another. Sometimes it is inevitable to buy them on impulse however you would want to plan. Mobile phones have no doubt brought in hefty personal expenses because of the need to buy new phones that are coming to the market.

    The SIM free mobile phones might be the coolest gadgets in the market for you if you like having a glimpse of newest mobile phones. However, always access the advantages and disadvantages of each phone you want to buy before committing to own one. It is even better to go shopping with a recommendation from someone who has the phone already, maybe even asking friends on facebook.com.