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  • The Evolution of Mobile Phone Communication

    Mobile phones are fascinating gadgets and new versions always come with improved features than past versions. The best way to learn about mobile phones is to pick popular phones and explore their multitude features. While you cannot own all popular sleekly phones, you can learn about them from friends or online dealers.

    Communication technologies have evolved over the years. The telephone technology has moved from wired communication to wireless information transmission. Perhaps telephone communication was being held back with the wires but now this communication system does not have strings attached. With technologies evolving and cell tower locations everywhere the world was evolving rapidly. It was impossible to carry around the former phone technology and thus no one could say there was elegance in phone communication apart from talking.

    Mobile phones brought in not only communication convenience in the market but they also came with significant amount of convenience. They made a great splash upon their release to the public during their earlier days. Although they were a preserve of few people who had significant credit during their first time appearance in public, they are handy tools for everybody today. They are part of everyday task and people are unable to leave them behind when they are on the go.

    Having a phone is a luxury and a business at the same time. People will move with their mobile phones to communicate business or communicate with their loved ones. The emergence of SMS system makes things even better. People can enjoy chatting and communicating at their comfort while enjoying great amount of privacy. There is no other gadget, which is as convenient as today’s mobile phones.

    The mobile phones are designed for personal comfort. The SMS system even made them better when public talking is raising issues of privacy. If there is something that anybody wants to handle alone is their privacy. Therefore, public phone calls are a discomfort and SMS and other short massage sending making them elegant and useful.

    When talking about evolving phone technology, there are two issues that come across. The issue of SMS and the issue of a phone call. The former is thought to be void of feelings while the latter is thought to contain feelings. This means that, while sending a message through a call, the two parties will seem to share feelings while such a phenomenon is difficult with an SMS.

    The history of mobile phones and mobile use has a lot of information to document. Apart from SMS and calls, cell phone development has developed the so called MMS (Multimedia Messaging Services). This system involves sending images, audios and videos. Later, smart features continued to embrace these phones including the GPRS, EDGE and WAP among other features that allow internet access. The most befitting platforms with the newer features are social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and all others.

    With the addition of physical phone features such as cameras and memory, the cell phone has become a personal multimedia device. Funny enough, other electronic gadgets in the market such as cameras and MP3 players are almost losing their popularity. We are yet to see the progress of the mobile phone evolution.

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  • How Much Does Your Cell Phone Affect Your Life?

    Today’s technology can be described as the tool, events and resources that drive live. People have known and adopted that there is a new invention being launched each year. Space exploration and artificial intelligence is driving technocrats into thinking beyond today to develop electronics or communication gadgets with greater endurance than what we have now. Personal live are equally being affected with day to day development of communication gadgets and cell phones are the main culprit.

    At least, everybody has developed some behavior that can be described as technology addiction. Technology is now a need and not a want. It has done more than plain human common sense could do. In fact, it might even bring in a new medical condition that can be described as “tech debilitating” condition because of technology addiction. Nevertheless, cell phone addiction does not cause physiological conditions such as those of illegal substances like heroin or cocaine but their effects in terms of social transformation are equally painful.

    What brings personal effects with cell phones? While cell phones do not have physiological effects to people; how about separating them from the owner for a day or two? Doing this will has an effect in the daily performance of the person. A person whose phone has been put away will start experiencing stress and the stress will reduce gradually for longer. This has been documented.

    Obsessive phone use has effects. However, these effects depend on the user’s behavior but it is better for everybody to understand this information to avoid unnecessary stress. A person with a separated personal cell phone hardly concentrates.

    As if having a cell phone and separating from it is not enough stress, some people will experience difficulties living with an old phone and will want the latest gadgets. It is suffice to note that cell phone technology has affected million people’s budgets because the latest mobile phones makes the current and older ones obsolete even if they are still in use. Is phone upgrades really necessary?

    As if paying for an expensive cell phone is not enough, some people have carried burdens of phone use bills such as calling, SMS, MMS and ringtone services that are produced every day. In addition to this almost basic phone use subscriptions, cell phones have the main stream of breaking news and people will go ahead and subscribe to them. These news subscriptions come with huge bills.

    With large bills and some bills go unnoticed, personal cell phone use should not go unchecked. They are calmly praying on consumer health and budgets. Although they are not hard drugs such as cocaine, cell phone addiction has been documented and equally affected people.

    While people are not realizing the effects of this cell phones dependence, they better do, because these gadgets seem to come with accumulated effects. Additionally, the continuity of innovating new phones means that the effects will be around for long. Unless people become knowledgeable of mobile phone dependence, this situation might lead to other features that are not properly documented.